5-660 Posi-Pull Service Pulling Kit



The 5-660 KIT comes with a Wedge Style Puller. In some cases the Wedge can also be used to split old services due to its knife blade edges. The standard wedge is equipped with 3/4" male pipe thread allowing optional use of compression fittings. .
     Complimenting  the Pullers  are the 3/4" and 1" Steel  Tubing Puller adapters.  These adapters are designed to fit inside of copper or plastic tubing allowing the tubing to follow the old service being removed. The tubing pullers are easily installed with the help of drilling 'feeler' jigs that allow fast and accurate placement  of  pins to hold the tubing on to the assembly.
Completing the kit is the Cable Grip Pulling Assembly which consists of  a Forged Oval Loop (H) that quickly slips over any backhoe bucket tooth as it pulls the Cable Pulling Grip (G) attached to the cable.  The Loop allows the digging bucket to be set up close to the service being pulled saving large excavation in the process. No chains are needed that can slip off or cause safety hazards!
Kits are standard with 50’ lengths of cable, other lengths can  be added upon request. Complete kit includes: 50' of 3/8" Cable and part letters; A,C,D,E,F,G,H,J and Heavy Duty Tool Box (see photo)


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