5-660-B Posi-Pull Threaded Cable Kit

Threaded Service Pulling Kit complete with 50' Cable, ready to work.

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The New 5-660-B Puller Head kit fastest and simplest puller kit available today.  The kit consists of a pulling cable with a Threaded Shank (#5-653).  The puller head simply screws on to the cable.  The other end of the puller head has an integral, machined 1" compression fitting designed to accomodate all popular compression nuts, like Mueller, McDonald, Cambridge and Ford.  You simply insert your copper or tube size plastic- tighten the nut and you're ready to pull. The threaded shank has 3/4-10 thread and the pulling strength is 15,000 lbs. which far exceeds the breaking strength of the cable itself. This kit consists of parts G,H,J, B, the #5-653 Threaded cable and a tool box. Puller head is equipped with a McDonald "Q" style compression fitting unless another is specified.

Puller Accessories and Options
A5-661Pulling Wedge 2.5" x 7"     (1" MNPT threads)390.00   
 A5-675Pulling Wedge 1.3" x 4.5"  (3/4” FNPT threads)340.00   
 A 5-676Pulling Wedge 1.5" x 4.5"  (3/4” FNPT threads) 355.00   
 A 5-677Pulling Wedge 1.9" x 5.5"  (3/4” FNPT threads)375.00   
 B 5-662Threaded Pull Adapter 3/4-10 X 1" Comp threads 260.00   
C5-663Tubing Puller Adapter for 3/4" copper/plastic35.00   
 D 5-664Tubing Puller Adapter for   1"  copper/plastic39.00   
 E 5-665Feeler Drill Jig for 3/4" tubing 30.00   
 F 5-666Feeler Drill Jig for   1"   tubing36.00   
G5-667Pulling Grip - When pulling galvanized-steel cable, the galvanizing has a tendency to coat the jaws of any grip, causing the cable to slip. To reduce the possibility of slippage and damage to the cable, the jaws of this grip are milled on a curve with a double “V” contour. Pulling capacity= 8 tons. Capacity .22 to .55 dia. inches.385.00   
 H5-668Bucket pulling Loop-Forged33.00   
 J 5-6693/8" Connecting Link24.00   
  5-703Steel Tool Box29.00   
  5-659Set Screw Bullhead (clamps on to plain end cable) 195.00   
  5-682Combination Bullhead/Puller specially designed275.00   
 5-230PIPE DRIVER-1"
Loosens up the Old Service to be pulled far more effectively than Sledge Hammers. Sized for 1” pipe. Vibrates and pushes the line. Use with any standard air powered jackhammer. Shank size is std 1 1/8” x 6”. 
 5-680 HAMMER STARTER- for 3/4"
Placed in the end of the pipe to be pulled and struck with a heavy sledge hammer to loosen  the service before its pulled. Made of solid steel with extra long shank to prevent pop out when hammering.
  5-681HAMMER STARTERS- 1"40.00   
Attached to the front of the service before pulling, the equalizer applies  some pulling pressure on the front of line while allowing the cable to pull from the back.
 5-670  Fits 3/4" CTS Plastic or Copper Tubing73.50    
 5-671Fits 1"    CTS Plastic or Copper Tubing 76.00   
 5-672   Fits 1" IPS or 1-1/4" CTS Plastic/Copper Tubing 104.00   
 5-673Fits 1 1/2" CTS Plastic or Copper Tubing 136.00   
 5-674Fits 2" CTS Plastic or Copper Tubing178.00   
 5-650 3/8 " x 50' Cable, with button one end107.00   
  5-651 3/8" x 75', with button one end 158.00   
  5-6523/8" x 100', with button one end 214.00   
  5-6533/8" x 50', with Thread Shank one end 118.00   
 5-656  3/8" x 75', with Thread Shank one end 168.00   
  5-657 3/8" x 100', with Thread Shank one end 234.00   
  5-678 3/8" x 50' Plain both ends94.00   
 5-679  3/8" x 75' Plain both ends 141.00   
 5-680 3/8" x 100' Plain both ends 202.00   


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